“From scratch.” It means building something from an original thought that follows no existing recipe. That’s what we do, but in our case, our “builders” are our expert makeup artists. This skilled team has an astute eye for knowing what works best on each client, and those skills are matched only by their perfected pigment-blending ones. What happens next is pretty cool: They mix, tweak, then mix again until they’ve landed on a lipgloss that shines exactly as you’d like it to. A lipstick shade that everyone will want to buy, but no one else can. Because it was created only for you. And that uniqueness is what makes our process so, well, unique. What we create for you is a bona fide, 100% customized product that’s your very own, complete with an engraving on the cap that says so.



Landing on the ideal color shade is just the beginning. There are several more factors that go into creating one of our customized bespoke lipsticks. With our expert makeup artist, you also choose the pigment intensity you want (Super sheer? Supremely bold? Somewhere in between?), the texture (matte, creamy, balm-like) as well as the dimension (iridescent, sparkly or flat). Finally, that all-important aroma, for which we offer 12 different scents. We'll even mix two or three of them together, should your nose desire it.



Similar to our bespoke lipstick process, creating your ideal bespoke lipgloss takes several steps. The same ones as the lipstick process, actually, with the exception of texture (since gloss is a texture in of itself). Want a gloss to match your lipstick? No problem! We can easily turn your bespoke lipstick into a corresponding gloss. Layer both or wear them alone!



Design your very own customized lipstick under the professional guidance of one of our expert makeup artists. You select every element of its formulation, from shade to color intensity, to texture and slip-even the aroma-as our expert follows your lead. Once the lipstick has been made, our expert makeup artist will then apply a complete makeup look on you that's centered around your new bespoke lipstick.



If the notion of unlimited makeup applications and faux lashes appeals to you, then consider signing up for our Monthly Makeup Membership. MMM includes as many makeup applications and faux lash services as your calendar will allow. Call the salon to book or manage your membership.

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