To All Daughters:

We want to do something special for you and your Mom. Purchase a custom lipstick using the SheSpeaker, and we will gift Mom the same experience. Mom's complimentary gift card will automatically be added at checkout. The perfect Mother’s Day gift is as easy as that. 

Now, don’t forget to call her.

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Bespoke Lipstick.
By You, For You.

Want to make a lipstick from scratch? Yes, that is possible! The SheSpeaker revolutionizes how lipstick is made. Build a fully customized lipstick from color to texture, intensity and make the call. 


Our Product

SHESPOKE products are handcrafted and batch made by our color artisans with you in mind.  At SHESPOKE we believe custom beauty products are tools for boundless creative expression. To create your own color is to give voice to your unique beauty—its shades, tones, frequencies, and vibrations speak your story. We’ve created an experience that brings you back to play—and inspires you to live every day beautifully and creatively.

Clean Ingredients

SHESPOKE Makeup is free and clear of any ingredient that would be found on industry “Dirty Lists”. If you are putting it on your face, as far as we are concerned, it should be clean and beautiful. There is no excuse for animal testing these days, so yep to that. And we are vegan…except for beeswax. We’re Beegan.

Open Cap, Twist Up, Put Some On Your Lips. Neat Or Messy—Your Choice.

Then Off You Go To Save The World.