• Stephanie March's Birthday Party

    You're invited to Stephanie's birthday weekend extravaganza. Use the code "BirthdayParty" for 10% off all custom lipsticks. Party ends July 25th at midnight.

    Birthday Party!
  • Social Studies Exclusive

    Designed for those that are ready to gather together and celebrate like it’s 2021. This stylish trio was inspired by gorgeous Social Studies’ table settings. Go ahead, pick your setting and lipstick look.

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  • Let's Celebrate

    Whether you are cheering on the trailblazers, patting yourself on the back or celebrating just for the sake of celebrating, get inspired by all moments. Big and small. Create a special custom lipstick to celebrate life, beauty and yourself.

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Our Story

We started SHESPOKE because we believe beauty should be inclusive, fun, gorgeous, and a wonderful tool of self-expression. There is no one size fits all. When you create your custom lipstick you give voice to your unique beauty- its shades, tones, frequencies and vibrations. You tell your story and we want to hear it. Loud and clear. 

Bespoke Lipstick

Build a fully customized lipstick from color to texture, intensity and aroma...you make the call.


SHESPOKE is free and clear of any ingredients that are found on the industry’s “Dirty List.” We wouldn’t have it any other way!

We believe if you are putting it on your face, it should be clean and beautiful. And there is no excuse for animal testing. We are Beegan (vegan + beeswax.)

No Animal Testing
No Industrial Chemicals
Female Founders
  • Bold Summer

    Meet The Well Red Collection. Discover a red for every chapter of your story. Made with our long wear matte formula so you do not need to re-apply between pages. Shop Now
  • Instant Gratification

    Want a little instant gratification? Let us do the work for you. Our Core Collection is inspired by over 10k women who made custom lipsticks. Consider them the perfect LBD of lipsticks. Shop Now