• Let Your Lips Do The Talking

    If you can imagine it, you can create it. Color, texture, intensity, shimmer, sparkle, aroma-make it exactly how you want it. Own your vision, own your lip.

    Made For You

Our Story

We started SHESPOKE because we believe beauty should be inclusive, fun, gorgeous, and a wonderful tool of self-expression. There is no one size fits all. When you create your custom lipstick you give voice to your unique beauty- its shades, tones, frequencies and vibrations. You tell your story and we want to hear it. Loud and clear. 

Bespoke Lipstick

The New Year is like a custom lipstick. Add color, shimmer, sparkle, scent. Make it exactly how you want it.


SHESPOKE is free and clear of any ingredients that are found on the industry’s “Dirty List.” We wouldn’t have it any other way!

We believe if you are putting it on your face, it should be clean and beautiful. And there is no excuse for animal testing. We are Beegan (vegan + beeswax.)

No Animal Testing
No Industrial Chemicals
Female Founders
  • Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative

    We are thrilled to launch the Icon Series with legendary icon, Billie Jean King. The Rally x BJK collection will directly support the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative. This nonprofit aims to create a world where workplaces are free of discrimination and inequality. Rally x BJK
  • Custom Lipstick

    The SheSpeaker is our revolutionary digital platform that lets you create custom lipsticks on-demand. It is a blank canvas for you to express beauty on your own terms. We like to think of it as beautytainment. Because truly, we're a place for creators. Create Your Own