How does it work?

Our color quiz guides you to a jumping off point to begin the bespoke formulation process. Take your time! Mix it up!  Tweak, test and try it.  It’s a color journey. Select your preferred base and use the tools to create your ideal formula. Think you’ve hit the perfect shade but you just want to see one more?  Save it and keep playing - you’re never stuck.  Don’t stop until you say: Perfect.

What makes you different?

While there is plenty of lipstick out there, we think our custom hand made products are a cut above. We start from scratch and use color theory to achieve your ultimate shade. No one else will have a color just like it. From the quality of our 5 bases, to our custom color design process, we think our process and product are aces.

Are you clean, cruelty-free and vegan?

Yes, SheSpoke Custom Makeup is free and clear of any ingredient that would be found on industry “Dirty Lists”. If you are putting it on your face, as far as we are concerned, it should be clean and beautiful. There is no excuse for animal testing these days, so yep to that. And we are vegan…except for beeswax. We’re Beegan.

What is in the base?

Our 5 bases are variations of several waxes, oils and butters. Squalane, a bioidentical moisturizer, and Raspberry Seed Oil, both anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, are all in each lipstick base.

How long does it take to make a custom lipstick?

As long as you want it to.  You are your own artist.  Mix and Play for as long as you like.  Save a roster of faves for a completely custom lipstick wardrobe.

Do you keep the recipes so I can get this color again?

We sure do! Not only do we send you a recipe card with your formula on it, but we will also have a record of it in our system. You didn’t design your perfect color to never find again.

Can I come to you? 

While we await a new physical presence in this new reality, we are currently digital only.

What if I don’t like my color when it arrives?

While we hope you will love the color you choose, we understand that there are bound to be some differences from online to IRL.  Send it back to us for a full refund or to try again until you are completely happy.